SnakeIf you encounter a dispute then we'll give you a ruling. Send us an account of the situation encountered and we'll adjudicate and publish the ruling.

Passing on of cards

It is the responsibility of the player holding a card to pass it on to other players, and he must do so before the commencement of the next hole. A player may request that a card be handed to him, either out of honesty or in the case of a positive card out of skill, good fortune and an eye for a profit!

Picking up

Picking your ball up on a hole can be ruled an automatic 3 putt, and therefore a Snake. You should agree prior to play whether picking up is allowed, but in the absence of an agreement to the contrary, a pick up is an automatic Snake.

MousePutting with the flag in the hole

If you putt from on the green with the flag in the hole and hit the flag it is an automatic Snake.

2 out of a bunker

If you go into a bunker you receive the Cat if it is greenside, or the Camel if it is a fairway bunker. If you take 2 or more to get out of the bunker you receive the Caterpillar, but automatically receive the Cat or Camel in addition. Therefore, if you go into a bunker and one of your opponents follows you in then they will receive the applicable card, being the last to encounter the event. However if you do not get out of the bunker on your first shot then this is considered another entry into the trap and the card reverts back to you. Your next shot assures you of the Caterpillar.

Card values

Some events are more difficult to achieve than others and for this reason you may wish to elect to use a multiplier on selected cards. Typically the Eagle may be worth double points and therefore double value, and the Vulture triple. Be sure to agree on this prior to play.


Who's buying the drinks?

Another variation on the rules is to agree on the card that will cost its holder the first round of drinks at the 19th. Typically the Snake takes pride of place, and the Monkey buys the second round!

Tally up after 9

A variation on the game is to tally up points after 9 holes and then start again. Players holding cards after the first 9, hold onto them to commence the second 9. If a player is unable to pass a card on by completion of the round then that card is counted again for the second 9 tally. Great if it's a positive card, but ordinary if it's not!!

A frog for all hazards

The frog card can be used for entry into all hazards rather than just a water hazard. Be sure to make this clear prior to play.