Golf Animals are a great source of revenue for Charity Golf Days.

How to get revenue from Charity Days

A clever way to play the game in a charity event is to provide 2 packs (1 each of pack 1 and 2) to each of the groups playing in your charity day event. A value is placed on the cards as per usual, however the payments at the end are made to the charity rather than the players within the group. Optionally the winning player(s) in the group may get to keep the card packs as a prize, or you may prefer to auction them off to the highest bidder in the group.

The economics are very good and show a great return for your charity. Please contact us for a breakdown of the returns you can expect and the costs involved.

VultureTrade / Corporate Days

Golf Animals packs make great corporate gifts at your corporate golf day.

Ideally packs are handed out prior to play so that they can be used during your corporate event. Slip a business card in with each pack or contact us to have a plastic cards produced to incorporate into the pack, displaying your corporate logo and message. A pack of each of the 2 games is all that's needed per group, and players can play for the right to keep the packs if they win within their group. Alternatively, hand out a set to each of the remaining players after the event as they'll have enjoyed the fun of the game and will appreciate the opportunity to take the game away and enjoy it elsewhere!

Golf Animals packs are a corporate gift that has a lasting quality given the high quality of the product. Printed in full colour on plastic cards, they are designed to last so are an ongoing reminder of your corporate promotion.